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Root and Branch Training

This is an Eclectic Training Group run by the Moot Leaders and Other Pagan Elders for those interested in the Western Mystery traditions and Paganism. It is not affiliated with any coven or group but seeks to provide a basis from which trainees can discover their own particular path be it Wicca, Ceremonial, Druid or Solitary.

We are a friendly group of people who share the common desire to find and walk our path, our meetings are Monthly and are both theoretical and practical in nature.

The training group will meet once a month for a year, 12 sessions in total, there will be four starting points throughout the year depending on interest shown by Moot members.


We believe that training should never be paid for but we do ask a small contribution towards the cost of any materials used during the Training Course.

If you are interested in joining our training group then drop us a personal message and we will respond as soon as possible

Please be aware that in order to join our training group you must be a member of Kings Lynn Pagan Moot.

With Many Blessings


Root and Branch Training  Enquiry

Please get in touch and we will let you know when the next Training Group Starts

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